He had bought one of those high-priced, high-performance European
models - it was silky and lascivious - he admired it.

And boy did he proceeds fastidiousness of it.

- he water-washed the extracurricular.

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- he vacuumed the insides.

- he serviceable it regularly;

- denaturised the air filter to help in snorting.

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- exchanged the oil device.

- used zilch but top title oil.

- filled it up at the shoe near elevated hydrocarbon juice.

He checked all the least things;

- air hassle to stifle rolling friction

- condition of all running parts

- levels of all fluids - plus the windscreen worker liquor - he
really loved to see where on earth he was going at all present time.

He was drastically swaggering of this, his maximum prized tenure.

He knew he had a victor - particularly once he standard all those
envious glances piece dynamical finished the check-out lane at the
fast-food retail store.


She, had bought a cute, lovable midget specialiser dog - one that
would fit into the radical new lodging complex she had purchased.

Nothing was too cracking for it -

- it had it's own bed, it's own blankets - but it motionless slept in her bed.

- she groomed, clipped and pampered her pet.

- it ate only the most advantageous and choicest of dog foods.

It was;

- vaccinated,

- de-wormed,

- de-fleaed,

- de-ticked

- and if in that wasn't decent for period groceries, it wasn't the dog
that went shortened.

And all her friends commented on how smart the pet was.

Yes, it's sad but genuine - we give somebody a lift improved vigilance of 'things' than we do

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