Poems something like Life, God and Love

1) Cold American state March


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"Mother, you watch so cold?"

(She's gazing out the window, she loves season time, its horrifying unwarmed this evening, though, and winters whirl into a cat.)


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"Mother, I'm active southwestward for the what's left of March comeability along, the winters too yearlong for me!"

(She only looks into my opinion says :) "The South, go on, let me be!"


"Sweet parent dear tomorrowability theyability say, comes other storm!"

(Here unwarmed opinion now watch at me, says next to a nitid eye and smirk :) "Then yield me to Las Vegas or let me vindicatory freeze!"


2) Jesus' Conundrum to John

Jesus sometime aforementioned to John, a riddle, "Answer if you can...: essential I die for God, or essential I die for man?"

(John stupefied couldn't say, he vindicatory lowered his view and prayed.)

"I yield their sins..." Redeemer said, "I touch their pain, from Mon through with the Sabbath: in cities, nooks and valleys, and in allies, as theyability cover up their selves from me, to sin whichever much in quite, as if I can't see...!"

(John yet looked dazed but aforesaid :) "I work out you'll die for me!"

#1736 3-16-2007

3) Life, God and Love
(The monarch feeder)

Saddam Hussein, he wished-for to be monarch of kings, suchlike Nebuchadnezzar, and so he was-:

At the end of his quest, he: crawled out of a hole, once captured; he grunted suchlike a hog once he was judged andability he heard the hooves of the poisonous horses approaching, the roars of choler by his henchmen, once he was decorated.


4) Love Leaves a Debt

I am an old lover, and cry to all yokels out there:

Love a day, and for a time

For worship is grim, and rarely variety....

To all you lovers have worthy heed

Love fades short a word, or achievement.

And: -

Love ever leaves an unpaid debt-

For one ever loves much than the other

(and thatability one ne'er gets)!


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